PROJECT TITLE: Integrated Education for Illiterate Children at EBPP School in Darmaji hamlet, Desa Ban, Bali

BENEFICIARIES: 54 Children and over 100 families in Darmaji hamlet


FUNDS RECEIVED: Rp 143,753,750 on 21st  May 2007 for 1 year programme

REPORTING PERIOD: 2nd Quarter: 1st September – 30th November 2007

A) KEY PROGRESS & DEVELOPMENTS 2nd QUARTER 1st September–30th Nov. 2007

Darmaji Integrated Education Programme 2nd   Quarter Progress Report by Rosmara Dewi

1)   Celebration of Saraswati Day (Hari Raya Saraswati), 10th November, 2007: This is the first time all the children celebrated the day devoted to the goddess of learning, art, literature, and knowledge, when all the children came and prayed together in their Darmaji school on 10th November 2007.  This has been made possible since they joined EBPP integrated education programme, sponsored by Ganesha Foundation, and a key aspect of their learning is their Bali Hindu religion, for which their knowledge was very limited before they started school. EBPP’s Bali Hindu religion teachers, I Made Arya and I Gede Sujana Ardika, explained the meaning and purpose of Saraswati to all the children and tutors so that they can fully understand the meaning and importance of Saraswati Day as an important element of their Bali Hindu religion.

2)   Children’s development progress: From when they started in June 2007 up to November 2007, all Darmaji children have shown great progress in their studies development. All groups (there are 4 groups: A, B, C and D) have various subjects: 1. Compulsory subjects from the Indonesian Government’s national curriculum required for national examination being mathematics, natural science, social studies, Pancasila (Indonesian ideology principles) and Indonesian language.  2. EBPP’s designed local curriculum subjects: Bali Hindu religion, Balinese language, Nutrition, general/public health, hygiene, sanitation, dental health & hygiene, prevention of iodine deficiency disorders, safe water use for consumption and all domestic use, organic farming, creative arts and handicrafts.

All children are able to read and write, with those in groups A and B learning all subjects above, and the younger children in groups C and group D who were not able to distinguish the alphabet before, they can now read short sentences and also write short sentence. Children in group C and D also have the same subjects to learn but we still give more focus on reading and writing.

3)   Developing creative art skill and handicraft: In the first creative art class, when EBPP’s art team gave A4 drawing books to the children, they looked had no idea what they wanted to draw. It was for the first time they started to create their own imagination on the drawing book. Although the result was still as simple as the beginning, but EBPP’s art team keep motivating and guiding them how to create better pictures, based on our experience with our 5 established schools. By the end of November 2007, the children now have the self-confidence to try to create their own style, using and combining different colours.

4)  Darmaji children that transferred from Manikaji school met their sponsor: In November 9, 2007, Darmaji children who transferred from Manikaji Education program met their sponsors, Annika Linden Foundation (ALF), when they visited Manikaji education programmes which they have sponsored since 2005 and are commited to continue funding until 2011. ALF has agreed to continue sponsoring the children are still sponsored by their previous sponsor, ALF (Annika Linden Foundation) met their sponsor and the children received art material gifts at that day.

5)   Darmaji children preparing their first semester exam: After six months have been learning various different subject (as describes in point 2) since they started in June 2007,  all of Darmaji primary school children preparing their first semester examination for all subjects that will arrange from  10 to 18 December 2007. EBPP’s education team accompany and monitoring tutors to review all the subjects for the topics have been thought to the children from the beginning for 2 weeks from 26th November to 8th December 2007.

6)  New donor for Darmaji school building & organic garden: On 9th November 2007, after David Booth gave a comprehensive presentation to Mark Weingard, the Founder of ALF, and his accompanying 39 friends, Mark stated his admiration for EBPP progress and directly committed to provide additional funding of US$25,000 for 2008, asking David to submit proposals. EBPP proposals prioritised funding for a new Darmaji school building (Community Learning & Development Centre) and organic garden as now Darmaji children still learning in the small balai banjar (community meeting place) with bamboo partition, which benefits the children and the community. The donation should be provided by mid January but the whole community have already allocated the land, and after Komang (EBPP Team Leader) did socialisation and discussed with Darmaji community in 24th November 2007, four days later on 28th November 2007, the community prepared and cleared the land, preparing for the foundations!

Komang empowered and motivated Darmaji community, so that the whole community understood that the school building will be owned by the community for their children and as community learning centre. Komang also motivated the community to fully understand that they must be fully involved from preparation up to finishing the school and maintenance of the building.  All Darmaji community were really motivated and excited, imagining their children will study in a real school building.

(We hope, the possibilities will have new sponsors for school tables and chairs, shelves for library and solar power electricity for Darmaji school building, as in Bunga school, where complete solar power system is sponsored by Raoul Witteveen’s Metta Foundation).

7)  Other EBPP donors visited Darmaji  education program: Other EBPP donors from England (Geoffrey and Ellen Foster Taylor and another English couple) visited Darmaji Education program on Saturday, 1st December 2007 after visiting EBPP’s Bunga, Cegi & Pengalusan schools. They saw Darmaji Primary school children with different subject class activities and also saw the land where we will established Darmaji school building and organic farming garden, with locations already prepared by Darmaji community. They were really interested in the different lesson class activities especially the enthusiasm of group C Darmaji children when they practiced cleaning water containers as part of EBPP’s safe water awareness designed programme delivered by EBPP Health Team. They then spent time with Group A, having a fun, interactive nutrition class, learning about different types of vegetables, the nutrition benefits and importance for their body. Darmaji children were enthusiasm when for the first time they saw various nutritious vegetables brought and thought by EBPP’s Education and Organic farming Coordinator. (This was particularly enjoyable as Rosmara introduced carrots and potatoes, which the children proudly admitted to having seen & eaten for the first time in the lives in their nutritious school lunches). This was preparation for the children to start their organic school gardens.  

Denpasar, 18 December 2007

Prepared by
Rosmara Dewi
Education coordinator

B) Summary of Monthly Attendance in EBPP Darmaji School:  56 children/month

Table 1 Summary of monthly attendance in EBPP Darmaji School


Kejar Paket A (Primary school)




September 2007




October 2007




November 2007




Average no of children per month Sept – Nov. 2007




Note: * The 5 children who moved from EBPP’s Manikaji school were drop out from school




Outgoings for salaries of EBPP’s education team, honorarium for tutors & cooks, costs of milk, multivitamins and children’s health & hygiene needs for period of September - November 2007 are enclosed. As you know all of the staff costs, milk & multivitamins are for our 6 programmes in different regions of Desa Ban, divided proportionately between the programmes based on numbers of children in each school. But please note that we didn’t include costs of additional 7 children who previously follow EBPP’s Manikaji school. The costs for them include in EBPP’s Manikaji school costs.

The calculation for the key items that have individual receipts for Darmaji integrated education programme are summarised in Table 2 below. Please note that our annual budget calculations for all education programmes include our 15% overheads. Hence, this 15% is shown separately next to the direct costs.

Table 2 Summary of 2nd Qtr sample budget items provided quarterly to verify expenditure


Budget Item No


Amount budgeted for September-
November 2007

EBPP actual costs for September - November 2007


Direct costs

15% overheads




Operational costs: execute, monitor & document







Total costs for education team September - November 2007=Rp 50,825,500. Percentage for Darmaji education programme (53 children from total of 307 children) = 53/307 X Rp 50,825,500







Honorarium Darmaji tutors for September - November 2007







Milk & multivitamins







Total expenses for milk & multivitamins from September - November 2007 = Rp  29,599,976. Percentage for Darmaji education programme (53 children from total of 307 children) = 53/307 X Rp 29,599,976







Honorarium for locally trained cooks







Honorarium for locally trained Darmaji cooks from September - November 2007


















Denpasar, 18th December 2007

Financial report prepared by
Tri Budiyono
Vice Chairman  & Secretariat Administrator 

Approved by
David Booth MBE
Founder & Trustee

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