A typical day in school

Competition at national education day

Happy kids


Second year students

New games and puzzles

New school at Darmaji

Star student with his teacher

New students

Traditional dance presentation

Never too young to start learning

New soap!

Class in session

Play group in Desa Ban

Janice, Larry, Murni and EBPP team at Darmaji liberary

Teacher's kids in daycare at EBPP headquarters

Planting new seedlings

New plants

Tending the seedlings

Just before harvest


Organic garden harvest

Bumper crop!

Mother weaving simple basket

New water collection tank

Water for each family

Dried Vettiver grass

Single room house in Darmaji

Everyone lives together...

...all in one room

Janice preparing 90 hygene kits for Darmaji

Distributing new hygene kits

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