Happy students in front of new school

Installation of solar collector

Plastering columns

Installing solar system computer

Main school corridor

Installation of solar collector

Practicing traditional dance

School near completion

Village headman inspecting work

First class in Darmaji 

Original class

Darmaji students

Temporary classroom

Balanced school lunch

Eggs are a new source of protein

Got eggs?

Hygene lesson

Learning good dental health

First dental exam

Learning by doing

Medical team vaccinating children

Signing up for school

Parent signing up the children

Excavating the hillside for vegetable plots


Everyone pitches in

Learning early

Mixing cement for the new school

New Darmaji school

New school

Break time

The rough road to Darmaji

Pitching in

Planting vetiver grass

Pouring columns

Preparing soil for plants

Vegetable plots

Amending soil

Teaching planting techniques

Raising the first post for the worm farm

Worm farm


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