Ganesha Foundation Mission Statement

To aid in the secular education of Balinese children who because of poverty would not otherwise be able to attend school.  Helping to break the cycle of poverty though literacy.

What the Ganesha Foundation does

The Ganesha Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit charity whose purpose is to help children receive a basic secular education in Bali, Indonesia.  Although the Indonesian government offers free education up to sixth grade level, some Balinese live too far from government schools or can not afford to pay for the cost of lunches.  Many families in rural Bali are too poor to be able to afford even these nominal costs.  It is impossible for these children to escape the cycle of poverty without this basic education.

The Ganesha Foundation funds organizations currently working in Bali to fill this need.  These organizations are carefully vetted and must show concrete results and transparency of accounting. We will consider any organization whose primary purpose is education of the neediest children in Bali.




School at Darmaji, East Bali, Indonesia - Images by Jonathan Copeland